Hi. I'm Emily. I'm an illustrator & designer. 

I work in a wide range of two-dimensional mediums as well as digital, but I'm mainly drawn to my pens and markers these days (on deck are pencils and colored pencils). I enjoy the imaginary, the soft, and the surreal. I pay close attention to the shape of the frame and use geometric silhouettes and intricate borders to close in my compositions. I'm inspired by forests, science, spirits, and the countless ways humans and nature not only influence each other, but also cross over one another.

I live in a small house in Grand Rapids, MI with my partner, Collin, and our endless amount of house plants and antiques. When I'm not drawing, you can find me metalworking, hiking, camping, doing yard work, or putting my clothes and spices in color order.  

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Myth Education written by David Fletcher 2017



Art Bazaar Foremost Barbershop  

First Fridays Avenue for the Arts


Con Artist Crew Group Show The Meanwhile  


Nightmare on Wealthy Street The Meanwhile      

Con Artist Crew Group Show 1111 Godfrey Gallery 


First Fridays Avenue for the Arts 

Con Artist Crew Group Show 1111 Godfrey Gallery